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About Us: Why We Are, What We Are
Colorado Sign Association hereby pledges itself to strive to meet the following objectives:
The Colorado Sign Association operates for the purpose and mutual benefit of its member sign and sign-related companies, their employees, sign users and the consumer public with respect to on-premise signage.
Statement of Purpose
To promote and establish cordial and cooperative relations among all the members of the sign industry in general;
To form a united front for various businesses engaged in other types of sign businesses for the purpose of representing the industry wherever needed in state and federal legislation, municipal and county ordinance, codes, zoning, regulations and any other matters affecting the sign industry as a whole or in part;
To work towards harmonious relations and better understanding in establishing high standards of operation and business ethics;
And, to plan, prepare and produce publicity and educational programs favorable to the sign industry as a whole, and to use every available opportunity to get such information to the general public.
The companies which make up the sign industry in Colorado further pledge to serve their customer and meet their community obligations by conducting their business in a manner consistent with good taste and in the public interest.
Why we have the Colorado Sign Association...
Well over twenty years ago, a few farsighted men looked into the future and realized that a sign association could have a major impact on the development of the sign industry and its customers in the state of Colorado. They realized all of us as individuals would benefit by working together toward a common goal.
We invite you to see for yourself what the Colorado Sign Association is all about. Become an active member of the association and help your business grow and reflect the professional approach to identifying properties through well-designed on-premise signage.
If you do any business in Colorado you should know...
Who We Are
We are a non-profit organization representing licensed sign contractors and retail sign shops, sign installers, sign representatives, sign suppliers, sign product manufacturers, and parties of interest in or doing business in the state of Colorado.
We are governed by elected officers and board members who donate their time to oversee the functions, operation and objectives of the association. We also sustain standing committees as needed to address the issues facing our industry.
Why We Are
Because every sign company or related business needs to be involved with an association that looks out for and defends its members' common interest and whose collected efforts and accomplishments far surpass that of any individual company.
Our Commitment to the Community
Since we live in, raise children, and work in the communities, we are sensitive to the needs and desire to keep the community a visually pleasant and safe place to live in. We promote the involvement and participation of the business sector in shaping sign code revisions, by helping to educate and mobilize them in the process. We realize that a sign code is important to be not only legally enforceable, but user friendly, and a culmination of the desire of the community.
We have tools to help both planners and planning and zoning committees work through the difficult process of sign code issues. Videos, guideline sign codes, sample ordinances, photographic publications on signs and graphics, and legislative case studies are provided to municipalities for their use in rewrite efforts.
Why We Need You
It takes membership to generate the support to finance an association. Limited membership means limited funds, which in turn limits our effectiveness and capabilities. We ask you to join in our activities and find out what we are all about, first hand. Discuss membership benefits with your associates who are members of our association.

Then... we ask you to join our association!
your partner in success!