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Please visit our Member Benefits page to find out why you want to be a member of the Colorado Sign Association. For additional information, contact the association office at 602-595-7380.

See membership application forms for dues and benefits structure.

Membership Applications:

Sign Division

Local/Custom Sign Company Division – Business primarily engaged in the sale or lease of signs and/or related services to the final user within a local market area.

Architectural Sign Division – Business primarily engaged in design and/or manufacture of sign systems which direct, inform, regulate, and identify as part of a designed environment.

Digital Sign Division – Business, franchisor, licensor, franchisee, licensee or business development company primarily engaged in design, manufacture, installation, education, and/or sale of digitally produced vinyl and/or printed graphics and signage.

Sign Supply Distributor/Product Manufacturer/Associate Member

Suppliers Division – A wholesaler or reseller of equipment, signs and sign components or any firm engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of signs or sign components, supplies or equipment, including computers and software used in the manufacture, installation or servicing of signs to distributors or sign companies.

Distributors Division – Business engaged in the storage and resale of materials, subassemblies, fabricated components, equipment or software from multiple suppliers to sign companies.

Sign Product Manufacturer – Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate Member – Individuals or organizations otherwise not included above. This category includes individuals such as elected officials, city planners, and schools or students.

CSA Best Practices Standards
(Adopted 12/18/2014 by the Board of Directors)

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